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PostSubject: Priest   Priest EmptyTue Sep 07, 2010 7:39 am

* Name: Ana
* From: Croatia
* Age: 36
* Gender: Female

your character

* Name: Hawkmoon
* Class: Priest
* Race: Night Elf
* Server: Neptulon
* Spec: Holy
* Do you have an off-spec? What and why?
Discipline; I prefare specs which provide strong healing abilities
* Link to WoW Armory:

* Link a picture of your UI: I use standard UI + grid when raiding. Not much to post tbh.


* In what instances do you have experience in? also write down everything from vanilla wow TBC or WotLK!:

I started playing wow in summer 2005 and during the time I have changed several main characters. Some for challenge some for social reasons. With them I have done MC, Aq 20 and 40, almost all TBC major instances as well as Ulduar and Naxx in WotLK. I would be more than happy to provide details if anyone will require them. With this character I have done ICC 10 11/12 and ICC 25 4/12, VoA 10 and 25, some Ulduar bosses and Naxx as well.

* What are you using addons? (DBM, you already have, we assume): DBM, Omen, Decursive (old habits die hard) and grid
* Our raid days are on Sundays, Thursdays 20:00 to 23:00 ST, is it problem for you to come?: It is perfect as far as I am concerned
* Why should we take you into the raids? What can you give our raid that others can not?: I am a good learner and I come to raids prepared. I do not whine and I am friendly. I am an experienced healer who likes healing and does not plan to change that.
* How do you critique? Hmm, I am not sure how to answer this one... I do not criticize anyone Smile


* Do you have any fps drops when you play?: Very, very rarely.
* What is your speed of your Internet?: ADSL, very fast
* Is your internet stable?: Yes it is.
* Do you have ventrilo?: Yes
* Do you talk alot or are you shy?: Depends on topic, person and percentage of alcohol in my bloodstream.
* Are you ok with that Scandianvian Languages may occur in the guild chat (Dont worry we stick to english on ventrilo to make sure everyone understands): I don't mind ppl using whatever language in the guild chat


* In which guilds have you been in before? And why did you leave them?:
With Hawkmoon I was in Ghost, a social guild in which all members are friends. Than I joined Bulwark Sinners, a 10 men raiding guild. Unfortunately, a stream of troublesome events had happened in my rl and I wasn't logging on for a long time. Posting a note on the guild forum crossed my mind rather too late. I was kicked and I don't blame them for that. I haven't been playing a lot during the summer.
* Do you know anyone in this guild?
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PostSubject: Re: Priest   Priest EmptyThu Sep 09, 2010 6:32 am

Hello there. good apply. But your gear is your fall there, im sry. As we progress in 25man hc's we dont have time to "gear" ppl up.
im sry Gl to u in the future
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