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 Use this application template to apply <--- For english users.

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PostSubject: Use this application template to apply <--- For english users.   Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:47 pm

Use this template to apply paste and then write your answers.
Good luck!


* Name:
* From:
* Age:
* Gender:

your character

* Name:
* Class:
* Race:
* Server:
* Spec:
* Do you have an off-spec? What and why?
* Link to WoW Armory:
* Link a picture of your UI


* In what instances do you have experience in? also write down everything from vanilla wow TBC or WotLK!:
* What are you using addons? (DBM, you already have, we assume):
* Our raid days are on Sundays, Thursdays 20:00 to 23:30 ST, is it problem for you to come?:
* Why should we take you into the raids? What can you give our raid that others can not?:
* How do you take criticism?


* Do you have any fps drops when you play?:
* What is your speed of your Internet?:
* Is your internet stable?:
* Do you have ventrilo?:
* Do you talk alot or are you shy?:
* Are you ok with that Scandianvian Languages may occur in the guild chat (Dont worry we stick to english on ventrilo to make sure everyone understands):


* In which guilds have you been in before? And why did you leave them?:
* Do you know anyone in this guild?

All fields needs a answer - empty fields means not a accepted apply
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Use this application template to apply <--- For english users.
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